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Comment of the Fortnight
24 February 2004
Defense of DHTML

The following email landed in my inbox; I thought it worth sharing with all of you.

Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 11:36:52 -0500
To: J David Eisenberg <david@catcode.com>
Subject: Defense of DHTML

It has come to our attention that many computer professionals and Web
designers refer to DHTML as "the marriage of JavaScript and XHTML."

Please be aware that both JavaScript and XHTML are client-side
technologies. Same-side marriage is not legal in the United States, and
permitting it would destroy the moral foundation of the Internet.

In the future, please refer to DHTML as "the civil union of JavaScript and
XHTML."  Although we're not sure if we are happy about that, either.

Your Friends at Pres. George W. Bush's Administration

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