Conversation with a Theist

Here’s a Twitter conversation that I had with someone who appears to be a theist. Their comments are on the left, mine are on the right.

Atheists: I’m threatened by Ben Carson’s Christianity because science can’t explain how everything came from nothing. #bencarsonwikipedia

A key point of science is a willingness to say that they don’t have the final explanation, but they’ll keep looking.

No, science is observation and testing. U mean scienticsm, the heart of which is to force fit any explanation than that of God

You’re the one claiming the existence of this god entity. Present your testable evidence, please.

I present you. You draw breath, yet live on a planet and universe that is inexplicable given its origins and natural laws.

What origins? And you really believe that the natural laws that science has investigated explain nothing?

You mean the same science that scratches its head at the singularity and wonders how it could defy natural law yet bring it?

Scientists scratch their heads because they’re still investigating. "God did it" closes off all further investigation.

really? Newton didn’t observe and test though believing in a Creator? Who knew? #obtuse

Do you claim that "God did it" is a complete explanation, and scientific observation explains nothing?

Do you wish death on people who don’t share your faith in scientism? #inane

Where the hell did that question come from? It has nothing to do with my question.

The same place your inane question came from sparky. Your question has nothing to do with your original tantrum. Peace.

And there you have it. That’s the end of the conversation at this point, because they blocked me. But now you know what a rant (or at least a “tantrum”) from me sounds like.