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Comment of the Fortnight
18 May 1998
The China Connection

Well, I'm certainly not going to join the callers to right-wing radio talk shows who are calling for Clinton to be impeached and/or tried for treason. However, the money trail and the technology transfer is more than simply "disturbing," as Rep. Henry Waxman puts it.

This one is definitely worth further investigation, and I am surprised that the media aren't all over this one like a cheap suit.

Speaking of right-wing radio talk shows...

A Matter of Class

The San Francisco area has two talk radio stations, KGO and KSFO. KGO is liberal to middle of road; KSFO is middle-of-road to far right. I've noticed that the callers to KSFO often resort to ad hominem attacks, insulting a person's looks or making fun of his/her name.

On KGO, by contrast, callers tend to concentrate on attacking a person's ideas and insulting the philosophical position they take. As the title of this section says, I think it's a matter of class.

Record Recommendation - The Ernie Kovacs Record Collection

I picked up this disc, Varèse-Sarabande VSD-5789, this weekend, and it is just fabulous. It's a collection of the music that was used on Kovacs' comedy shows; it is not a collection of comedy routines.

Tracks I especially liked:

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