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Comment of the Fortnight
17 January 2000

This is a fairly short commentary today; I spent the first week of the new year recovering from the flu and the second week teaching a five-day class. (I contract to Keypoint Software, which is a training partner of Selectica. I've been teaching the introductory course.)

Merger Mania

The big buzz this week was the impending buyout of Time-Warner by America OnLine (AOL). Frankly, I'm not overjoyed at the prospect.

I think this merger is in for some deservedly rough sledding. Even though I'm sure there's money to be made in this (no matter which way the buyout goes), I'm not going to buy any AOL or Time-Warner stock, either in hopes of a profit or to sell short.


The following are some pet peeves I've noticed while browsing over the past few weeks. So, all you web authors heed this advice:

If you're in need of design guidance and advice, I strongly encourage you to look at these sites:

Let me know what you think.

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