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Comment of the Fortnight
27 August 1999
LinuxWorld Expo

I attended the LinuxWorld Expo at the convention center in San Jose, California on 11 August 1999. (If you want to know more about Linux, here's a link to follow).

LinuxWorld banner at Convention Center

Sybase employee in penguin suit Along with the obligatory folks dressed up in penguin suits, there were many exhibitors with great freebies. Here are just a few that attracted my attention:

Corel has WordPerfect for Linux; they gave away free pads of notepaper and copies of the software. The notepads are great, but the CD didn't install. :-(
Alpha Processor, Inc
A mini-manual, Linux for Dummies, by John "maddog" Hall.
A CD containing their SHELF software; a tool for building utilities and applications.
Various Distributions
I was able to pick up Linux distribution discs for: I upgraded to RedHat 6.0, and may have some things to say about it in a future comment-of-the-fortnight.
Lots of freebies! A really nice carry bag, a dust brush for the screen, and a fortune cookie.
One of the more interesting products was from a place called The Linux Store, which offers the PIA Plus computer. PIA stands for Personal Internet Appliance; it comes with Linux, Netscape® and WordPerfect® installed and includes, among other things, 32 MB RAM, 40x CD-ROM, 10/100MB ethernet connection, 333 MHz Celerontm for $299.00. This isn't an endorsement! It just sounded interesting.

Extra: Music Review - Django Reinhardt

Yes, I had heard of guitarist Django Reinhardt, but I must be one of the last people in this sector of the galaxy to have actually heard a recording of his music. In case you haven't heard his stuff yet, I highly recommend “The Gold Collection” a CD of Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli performances. The CD is Fine Tune 2217-2; they are located at:

#150, 1997 N. Olden Ext.
Trenton, NJ 08618, USA

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