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Comment of the Fortnight
28 October 1999
Useful Links for Software Developers

Once again, inspiration didn't strike for any lengthy comment. However, I did have the opportunity to write a really tawdry bit of code in JavaScript with Dynamic HTML. I found a reference to a very nice library for cross-platform Dynamic HTML at http://www.brainjar.com This is a great site and the opening graphic is trés cool.

I've been exploring Java Server Pages in the past few days, and here are some useful links I've encountered along the way:

If you came here looking for opinions and commentary, and are disappointed that you didn't find any, you can read as much as you like at http://www.osopinion.com.

A further update: my sister-in-law passed on an address from an email she got from her mother; here's the main page. I really liked this site, mostly because the authors so clearly had a good time creating it.

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