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Comment of the Fortnight
2 December 1999
Quick Takes

Gov. George Bush vs. Log Cabin Republicans

Governor George W. Bush of Texas recently refused to meet with the Log Cabin Republicans (a gay and lesbian group) on the grounds that it would be “divisive”. Governor Bush also said that he would be willing to hire homosexuals in his administration as long as they agreed with his policies. Unfortunately, one of his policies as Governor of Texas has been to uphold the state's sodomy law. Sorry, Governor, but I'm not about to vote for anyone who, by his actions, sees me only as:

Book Reviews

I think I'm feeling dyspeptic lately; almost none of the books I've read recently has thrilled me very much.

Sphere, by Michael Crichton
Contrived. The suspense was anything but riveting, and I really didn't care very deeply about any of the characters. They seemed to just be going through the motions, almost as if they knew they were merely characters in a book. And the ending was artificial beyond belief.
L is for Lawless, by Sue Grafton
This is a decent book, and the pacing is excellent. Again, however, I didn't have much empathy for any of the characters, and the ending seemed rushed and incomplete.
Sacred and Profane, by Faye Kellerman
This one is the best of the lot. It's one of the earlier mysteries in the Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus series. There was a lot of information about Orthodox Judaism in this novel, but it blended in seamlessly, supporting the character development rather than interrupting the action.

Happy Birthday, Foster

It's that time of year again. Best wishes, etc. etc.

Moving my Website

I'm going to change Internet Service Providers sometime in the next month; watch this space (and the main index) for more information. I finally got a domain name, and no, it's not eisenberg.com; that one's already taken.

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