Showing Properties (2)

Let's look at the properties of the three divisions on the previous page. The values you see in the table below were extracted using this script. A "" means that the browser returned the null string for that particular property.

Property Navigator 4 Explorer 5 Mozilla
Div one visibility inherit "" ""
background-color null #ccffcc rgb(204,255,204)
left, top, width, height 10, 10, undefined, undefined 10px, 10px, 100px, 100px 10px, 10px, 100px, 100px
Div two visibility show "" ""
background-color null "" ""
left, top, width, height 110, 10, undefined, undefined "", "", "", "" "", "", "", ""
Div three visibility inherit "" ""
background-color null cyan cyan
left, top, width, height 210, 10, undefined, undefined "", "", "", "" "", "", "", ""

First, we note that there's a large difference between Navigator 4 and the other browsers. In Navigator 4, the location of a <div> is a simple number; in the others, it's measured in pixels (px).

Explorer and Mozilla give closely matching results, except for background color. Looking at <div> one, we see that Explorer displays a color originally expressed as hexadecimal in hex; Mozilla displays it in rgb format using decimal equivalents. Colors entered as names stay as names.

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