As these introductory examples suggest, the DOM is a remarkable tool that can make your web pages far more dynamic. And it does so without resorting to proprietary tags or "innovations" that work only in one browser. At the moment, Netscape 6 is the only browser that fully supports the DOM - and Netscape 6 is still in development. Once it's released, it's hard to imagine that other browsers won't be forced to catch up.

As you begin to explore and work with the DOM, take time out to thank the folks at Mozilla for doing the heavy lifting and delivering this thing. You will also want to read up on the DOM at the W3C's Document Object Model pages. And if you'd like to see all browser makers offering us this tool, consider lending your support to The Web Standards Project, a group that wants to see W3C standards like this fully implemented in all web browsers. Meantime, code on, and have fun!

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