Fanime (part 1)

Here are pictures from Fanime 2008 in San José, California. This is a convention dedicated to anime, manga, and video games.

One of the most fun aspects of the convention is the people dressed up as their favorite anime characters. I will not pretend to know who any of these characters are; the last anime I watched before going to this convention was sometime in 1981, a character named Lupin III. So what you are seeing here are comments from someone who is something of an anime outsider.

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Two girls in Japanese Schoolgirl outfits Orange and Red Robot warrior Man in pseudo-samurai outfit with large key

A couple of warriors. The first one wasn’t the most impressive one there, but it was one of the first pictures I got when I arrived.

man in typical ninja outfit warrior in red outfit with huge sword

Group photos were popular. Most of the time the group was composed all of characters from one anime. The convention actually had a special area set aside for such “costume play.”

group photo of costume players

I think the joke on this one is the idea of the cute character being devoured.

Green lizard-like animal eating a small doll

This character is named Domo-kun, and there were quite a few of them running around the convention.


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