Fanime 2011

Once again, I attended Fanime, an anime convention “by fans, for fans.” These are photos of people involved in cosplay. Click any picture to see it in larger size.

Best Moment

A group of elementary school children had just left a nearby museum, and two Fanime attendees dressed as the Mario Brothers greeted the children as they passed the convention center. It just made the kids’ day.

Peopple dressed as the Mario Brothers greeting a group of elementary school children

Simple Costumes

Costumes don’t have to be complicated. I especially like the last one, which puts it all together brilliantly well.

Woman with a mask that looks like a character from an 8-bit video game. Man in chimp mask and star wars t-shirt Man wearing cardboard box with smiley face on his head Costume is a computer terminal with smiley face for head; person wears sign saying “I am teh cosplay”


Animal themes are always popular, as well as animal-themed backpacks.

Anthropomorphic animals; one in white 1890s type suite, other in schoolgirl uniform. Man wearing full-head horse mask Two men wearing white and brown fox/wolf-like full head masks White wolf with red and blue hat. Woman in maid outfit, wearing giant cat paws and cat ears. Orange fish with yellow fin (from Pokemon?) Me man in red animal-type costume Backpack in shape of a furry animal Teddy bear backpack


Also a popular theme.

Man with blue hair in samurai/gi type outfit Warrior in blue on left; warrior with white hair on right. Warrior wearing white “skull mask” with red decorations and carrying a Japanese style sword Ninja-type warrrior in red and black. Ninja type in blue suit on left; generic superhero in yellow/blue costume on right Man with white hair and open read coat, holding guns