SubZero 2011

I attended SubZERO festival in conjunction with South First Fridays in San José on 3 June 2011. Click any picture to see a larger version.

One of the more interesting exhibitors was music for people & thingamajigs, who specialize in building musical instruments out of common household objects.

Banner for “music for people & thingamajigs” man holding banjo made out of a crutch Ukulele whose base is made from a ham can bass made with feta cheese tub water jars with hydrophone mics Swinging boxes with moving objects inside to make percussive sounds

A similar but unrelated set of drums comes from the Street Drum Corps

Drums made from old cans

The people from ArtCar Fest had some of their vehicles on display. As their web site says, their cars “are licensed, registered and insured vehicles that an artist has permanently altered in an artistic fashion. These are NOT parade floats - the unique aspect of our medium is that we bring art into the world every day as we drive our vehicles to work, to the store, and on the highways.”

Pickup truck and camper shell with small artistic objects on side and tent on roof carrier Detail of toys glued to side of pickup truck Bronze metal sculpture on hood of an art car Long view of metal-sculpture art car Car in a fish motif with silver scales and two rotating “disco balls” as eyes

The Usuals brought their Streetbot, a truck that passers-by are encouraged to decorate with chalk.

Truck decorated with chalk drawings by passers-by.

The San Jose Yarnbombers created this absolutely wonderful totem pole.

Totem pole of knitted animal figures

Here are three women wearing bodypaint by Trina Merry, a San Jose bodypainter who runs the Art Alive Gallery.

Women body-painted as Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Wonder Woman

The San José Institute for Contemporary Art is just a marvelous place to visit (their website is very nice as well). The first picture shows a tile on the street in front of their building. The next picture is from the exhibit in their main gallery. I also saw the Powers of 10 film by Ray and Charles Eames. I hadn’t seen it in years, but it’s still as wonderful as when it was made in 1968.

Tile in front of ICA Suspended double cone made of loops of ceramic hung from ceiling

Finally, miscellaneous pictures that don’t fit into any particular category.

Paper scultupre of frog on bicycle with rainbow-spoke wheels Three-wheeled bicycle on a shell shaped like a banana Woman on stilts with bird head and wings