Others’ Permissions

The last three letters in the permissions column tell us what everyone else in the world, the “others” may do.

-rwxr-x r-x  joe  acctg  archive.sh 
-rw-rw- r--  joe  acctg  orgchart.gif
-rw-rw- r--  joe  acctg  personnel.txt
-rw-r-- r--  joe  acctg  publicity.html
drwxrwx r-x  joe  acctg  sales
-rw-r-- ---  joe  acctg  topsecret.inf
-rwxr-x r-x  joe  acctg  wordmatic

The “others” lead highly restricted lives. They can’t write any files or directories, and they have absolutely no access to the topsecret.inf file.

They may still run the archive.sh script and the wordmatic program, and they may search the sales directory.

However, things are not as we should like.

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